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After getting a degree in advertising and minoring in art, I started my career as an art director at a direct marketing agency in Chicago. I quickly found that working with photographers was the best part of the job and moved on to being a photo stylist, work I truly love. Over the course of 20 years I have worked as a photo stylist, art director, art production coordinator and interior designer. I am dedicated, creative and love the variety of challenges that come up daily with this work. As a certified yoga teacher, I also try to bring the zen to the set when it gets stressful. I have done environmental and table top work both in the studio and on location, for TV commercials and in the theater setting. Clients have included Wayfair, Haagen Dazs, Sears, Ginny's, Vegetarian Times, Publications International, Sears, Montgomery Wards and Weber Grills, among others. 

Lucianne Crowley Styling and Pro​ps

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